The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) recently sent a comment letter to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission on the industry’s path forward to full accident-tolerant fuel (ATF) deployment.

The plan referenced by NEI aims for phased deployment in a commercial reactor in the early to mid-2020s.

“This schedule is of key importance in the decisions our members will need to make when evaluating the ATF safety benefits against the costs of adopting this technology,” NEI Technical Advisor Andrew Mauer said in a Feb. 5 comment letter to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

“Accident tolerant fuel technology offers superior safety margin to address a beyond design basis event and the potential for more cost-effective operation of the existing boiling water reactor fleet,” GNF CEO Amir Vexler said. “We are excited to collaborate with our customers and partners on this important program to lead the industry to an even safer, more reliable and more efficient future.”

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