What is Enhanced Accident Tolerant Fuel?

Fuel designs that can tolerate loss of active cooling in the reactor core for longer time periods in light water reactors while maintaining or improving fuel performance during normal operations.

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GAIA Assembly

What are the benefits?

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Increased temperature resistance
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Increased coping time
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More affordable, sustainable operations
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Optimized safety systems and operations

Framatome's EATF Program

Framatome’s near-term solution places EATF features – chromia-enhanced pellets and chromium-coated cladding as well as accident-tolerant control components – in its next-generation BWR and PWR fuel designs, offering operators enhanced efficiency and reliability.

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Who does Framatome work with?

Framatome’s EATF program is built on the collective knowledge, skills, and expertise of leaders from across the nuclear sector – utilities, national labs, universities and industry organizations.

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Develop technologies
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Perspective & operating experience
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Develop technology & perform testing
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Perform testing

How is Framatome bringing EATF to the industry?

  • Pre-2000

    Framatome, EDF and CEA research on enhanced safety margin material concepts

    CEA program for multilayer silicon carbide (SiC) concept for Gen IV reactors

    Framatome begins experimental work on SiC concept

    Testing of Chromia-enhanced pellets

  • 2011

    Fukushima Incident

  • 2012

    Congress gives $59M to DOE for EATF program

    2012-2015 DOE phase 1A concepts and evaluation

  • 2014

    2014-2016 DOE phase 1B concepts and feasibility

  • 2016

    2016-2022 DOE phase 2 lead products implementation for Cr-Cr concept

  • 2017

    NRC licensing process

    Framatome advances to phase 2 of DOE EATF program

    Framatome begins Chromia-enhanced fuel pellet production in Richland, Washington

    Chromia-enhanced fuel pellet testing at Idaho National Lab (INL)

  • 2018

    Framatome begins EATF lead production in Richland, Washington

    DOE target for production capabilities

  • 2019

    Framatome lead Cr-Cr assemblies in commercial reactor

  • 2020

    First commercial reload complete with chromia-enhanced pellets

    GAIA chromium-coated cladding and chromia-enhanced pellet concept completes first cycle of operation

  • 2021

    First delivery of PROtect boiling water reactor concept

    First lifecycle completion of PROtect concept

  • 2022

    Framatome lead fuel rods for SiC concept in commercial reactor

    DOE target for lead fuel assemblies in commercial reactor

    Irradiation of silicon carbide fuel cladding concept

  • 2023

    Complete licensing of PROtect chromium-coated cladding

  • 2025

    Framatome ready for production of reload Cr-Cr assemblies

    Batch reload readiness for chromium-coated fuel rod and chromia-enhanced pellet concept