Framatome’s industry-first, 100% Enhanced Accident Tolerant Fuel (EATF) assembly successfully completed its first cycle of operation at a U.S. nuclear power plant. This milestone marks significant progress in the development of the accident tolerant fuel (ATF) technology and an important step toward market readiness. Following 24 months of operation, testing and inspections confirm the robust fuel characteristics safely withstood in-reactor conditions and performed as designed.

“The accelerated delivery and proven performance of our technology reflects the dedication and expertise of our people with the collaborative support from the industry. Collectively, we are one step closer in the qualification of our PROtect EATF technology for the nuclear industry,” said Lionel Gaiffe, senior executive vice president, Fuel Business Unit at Framatome. “With the adoption and implementation of our enhanced technologies, our industry partners continue to demonstrate their commitment to enhance the safety and performance of their reliable, low-carbon, energy operations.”

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