As an important fuel test reactor in Norway announced this week it would be closing permanently, testing of advanced accident tolerant fuels in the United States continues apace. Meanwhile, both Houses of Congress this month provided healthy levels of funding for the Department of Energy’s ATF research and demonstration program, demonstrating their recognition of the importance of innovation in nuclear fuels.

“The legislation passed offers significant support for continued development of accident tolerant fuel, advanced reactor technologies, and fuel for advanced reactors. Investment in nuclear energy technologies like this will deliver enormous benefits to our energy system, our environment, our workers and our national security,” NEI President and Chief Executive Officer Maria Korsnick said.

Accident tolerant fuels (ATF) could be a game changer for the nuclear industry. These more robust fuel designs have the potential to widen the safety margin and operational flexibility of existing nuclear plants while reducing costs, as well as pave the way for new types of fuel for advanced reactors.

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