Find Out More About PROtect and Register for the ENS Webinar on November 22

Join us on November 22 for a webinar on PROtect, Framatome’s enhanced accident tolerant fuel (EATF) program. Petra-Britt Hoffman, a senior expert in irradiation behavior of fuel rods and fuel assembly structural materials, will discuss Framatome’s near-term and long-term solutions as part of the PROtect program. Learn more and register.

EATF – Our Drive to 2019

I would like to take a few minutes to provide an update on where AREVA NP is in our research and development of the next evolution of nuclear fuel – our Enhanced Accident Tolerant Fuel (EATF) program. Over the past few months, we have reached several milestones in the drive to place lead fuel rods (LFR) into a U.S. commercial reactor in early 2019.

A Few More Steps in the Evolution of AREVA NP’s EATF Program

Guest post by Jeff Reed, AREVA NP US EATF Program Manager AREVA NP recently announced our partnership with Southern Nuclear to load advanced fuel assemblies with Enhanced Accident Tolerant Fuel (EATF) features in Georgia’s Vogtle Unit 2. This announcement was a key milestone for AREVA NP, its employees and its partners in support of the