A Few More Steps in the Evolution of AREVA NP’s EATF Program

Guest post by Jeff Reed, AREVA NP US EATF Program Manager AREVA NP recently announced our partnership with Southern Nuclear to load advanced fuel assemblies with Enhanced Accident Tolerant Fuel (EATF) features in Georgia’s Vogtle Unit 2. This announcement was a key milestone for AREVA NP, its employees and its partners in support of the

Excelling in Fuel, Equipment and I&C

AREVA NP is working in many areas of fuel development. Our priority is to improve the economics of today’s fuel. We introduced two new fuel types: GAIA for 17×17 fuel and ATRIUM 11 for boiling water reactors. ATRIUM 11 has an 11×11 array which distributes power better than the 10×10 array of fuel rods.

AREVA Plant in Richland to Make Nuclear Fuel That’s Better in Emergencies

The AREVA plant in Richland will begin manufacturing newly developed advanced nuclear fuel assemblies that allow operators more time to respond in emergencies. The plant will start manufacturing the fuel later this year, to be loaded into one of the units at Georgia’s Vogtle Electric Generating Plant in the spring of 2019. AREVA developed the

Vogtle 2 to Load Chromia Fuel

AREVA NP yesterday said four lead test assemblies featuring chromia additions to the fuel pellets and a chromium coating to the fuel rod cladding will be loaded into Vogtle unit 2 in spring 2019. The company will begin manufacturing the chromia-doped fuel pellets at its facility in Richland, Washington, later this year. John Williams, nuclear

AREVA NP to Load Advanced Fuel Assemblies in U.S. Commercial Reactor

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – AREVA NP today announced plans to load advanced fuel assemblies developed through the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Enhanced Accident Tolerant Fuel program in Unit 2 at Georgia’s Vogtle Electric Generating Plant. The loading is scheduled for spring 2019. This advanced fuel technology offers reactor operators more time to respond in emergency